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Proceedings volume

The Accepted papers are contained in the conference volume  Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010 which is published by Springer Verlag. A copy of this book is included in the conference registration, but it is also available in bookshops starting with September 2010. Visit the Publisher's Webpage.

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Table of Contents

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The Master-Builder-Geometer (C. Ceccato), pp. 9-14
Interpreting Physical Sketches as Architectural Models (B. Cutler, J. Nasman), pp. 15-35
Lamella Flock (M. Tamke, J. Riiber, H. Jungjohann et al.), pp. 37-48
Case Studies in Cost-Optimized Paneling of Architectural Freeform Surfaces (M. Eigensatz, M. Deuss et al.), pp. 49-72
Tiling Freeform Shapes With Straight Panels: Algorithmic Methods (J. Wallner, A. Schiftner et al.), pp. 73-86
Freeform Rigid-Foldable Structure Using Bidirectionally Flat-Foldable Planar Quadrilateral Mesh (T. Tachi), pp. 87-102
The Sphere Project - Negotiate Geometrical Representations From Design to Production (K. Bollinger, M. Grohmann, O. Tessmann), pp. 103-111
Towards Teaching Generative Design in Architecture (I. Bentscheff, C. Gengnagel), pp. 113-128
Architectural Acoustics for Practioners (W. Bergeron-Mirsky, J. Lim et al.), pp. 129-136
Wiggled Brick Bond (R. Bärtschi, M. Knauss et al.), pp. 137-147
Geometric Methods and Computational Mechanics for the design of Stone Domes Based on Abeille's Bond (M. Brocato, L. Mondardini), pp. 149-162
Louvre Abu Dhabi 1/33 — Fabrication of a Large-Scale Physical Light-Test Model (B. S. Koren), pp. 163-174
Ortho-Pictures: 3D Objects From Independent 2D Data Sets (G. Elber), pp. 175-192
Geometry of Structural Form (L. Lachauer, T. Kotnik), pp. 193-203
Realizing Formal and Funcional Complexity for Structurally Dynamic Systems in Rapid Computational Means (S. Ahlquist, A. Menges), pp. 205-220
Statics-Sensitive Layout of Planar Quadrilateral Meshes (A. Schiftner, J. Balzer), pp. 221-236